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Why Are Welsh Blankets Special?


Welsh blankets are a legacy woven with threads of history, tradition, and artisanal craftsmanship, making them much more than mere pieces of fabric. The rich tapestry of Welsh textile heritage is particularly encapsulated in the enduring charm and quality of these blankets. Originating from the lush countryside of Wales, which once hosted over 300 woollen mills, Welsh blankets are an epitome of a tradition that has endured the sands of time. While only a handful of woollen mills continue this age-old tradition today, the essence of Welsh culture is vividly alive in each thread of these blankets. The abundance of sheep in Wales provides a bountiful source of wool, the primary material used in crafting these comfy covers.

Wales has a long-standing love affair with sheep, and it's from this love that the tradition of weaving Welsh blankets emerged. The skilled hands of Welsh craftsmen and craftswomen turn this wool into blankets that are not only warm and cozy but are also pieces of art with their unique designs.

Here at Anna Davies, we’ve been selling Welsh Blankets for over 65 years. We continue to pride ourselves on sourcing some of the best Welsh Tapestries blankets in a range of colours and designs to suit every home.


Traditional Welsh tapestry designs epitomize the rich textile heritage of Wales, showcasing a brilliant array of patterns that are as aesthetically appealing as they are functional. The uniqueness of these designs lies in the double cloth fabric utilized in their creation, which allows for a pattern on both sides, making them fully reversible. This intriguing feature essentially offers two blankets for the price of one, adding a layer of practicality to their beauty. Among the plethora of designs, the Traditional Caernarfon design stands out, often referred to as ‘portcullis’. It is characterized by a repeated series of pixelated squares, spikes, and dots, often rendered in bright contrasting colors like greens, oranges, and purples, embodying a vibrant aesthetic.

The evolution of Welsh tapestry designs is deeply rooted in the historical fabric of Welsh village life. Initially, textile production was a household activity carried out in cottages, outhouses, and sitting rooms across Welsh villages, seamlessly integrating into the rhythm of rural life. However, the narrative took a significant turn with the establishment of wool mills in the 1860s, shifting the focus towards producing practical clothing and flannel for export. The boom in the tourist trade during the 1930s redirected the focus back onto crafting attractive blanket designs, marking the inception of the iconic tapestry blanket.

The Caernarfon design, bearing the name of a castle in North Wales, has become synonymous with Welsh tapestry blankets. Its unique pattern, also known as the Portcullis design, is highly recognisable and often serves as an emblem of Welsh tapestry blankets’ identity. Traditionally, the unique tapestry designs were often tied to specific mills across Wales, each boasting its own distinctive patterns. This mill-specific diversity in designs fostered a rich tapestry of patterns across different regions of Wales, contributing to the global recognition and appreciation of Welsh tapestry designs.


Traditionally Welsh blankets were given as wedding presents, then becoming family heirlooms. The exceptional quality of the blankets means they have lasted for centuries. 

The blankets produced today still adhere to the century-old traditional methods, ensuring the preservation of authenticity and quality that Welsh tapestry blankets are renowned for?. Through each intricately woven thread, Welsh tapestry designs not only provide a blend of aesthetic and functional value but also narrate the vibrant narrative of Welsh cultural heritage in the textile realm.


For those yearning to experience the warmth and heritage of Welsh blankets, a curated range awaits. Every blanket is a piece of Welsh tradition, woven from 100% wool, ensuring authenticity and quality. The current collection of Welsh tapestry blankets offer a chance to own a piece of history, a blend of comfort and timeless design. Explore the range, and should you wish to delve deeper into the narrative of Welsh blankets or need assistance, feel free to reach out at

Welsh blankets are not mere textiles; they are narratives woven with warmth, tradition, and a touch of Welsh soul. Owning a Welsh blanket is akin to being wrapped in the rich tapestry of Welsh history and culture, providing not only physical warmth but also a sense of connection to a time-honoured tradition.


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